Professional trainer tips for safe summer workouts

Your clients undoubtedly share your enthusiasm for outdoor workouts. However, there are special hazards during the summer that your less experienced clients might not be prepared for. Hot temperatures can lead to heat illnesses such as heat exhaustion and even heat stroke, so it’s important to provide guidance to help your clients protect themselves through…Read moreRead more

The importance of the personal trainer

What is a personal trainer really doing? A personal trainer is a professional who has studied a branch related to sport and, as such, is prepared to solve the vast majority of doubts that may arise in relation to the practice of sport. This person should be available to help you with any questions you…Read moreRead more

How to follow a full-body routine with a dumbbell

The full-body type training or full body is a training method that is taking a lot of strength lately for the good results you’re getting and that is best suited to those who have little time to train.   In this routine, we work the main muscle groups, so that when they are affected, it…Read moreRead more

How does age affect training?

Have you ever said that you are not old enough to practice a sport or to do a certain exercise? Have you heard someone say that person cannot lift such weight? Everyone should physical exercise, leaving aside prejudices about age.   The exercise is a necessary and possible activity at any age. In many occasions,…Read moreRead more

Functional training: what is it?

The functional training has become very fashionable in recent times, especially among celebrities. But do you know why it has become so fashionable? In this post we give you the keys.   Applying the term in a literal sense, functional training is simply training for a specific purpose, i.e., training should achieve a positive effect…Read moreRead more

Flat Belly: 5 different exercises to achieve it

Bored with the same exercises do always to try to get a flat stomach? Today we present five different exercises to achieve your goal l UCIR a flat stomach in summer!   With these exercises, you will be able to tone your belly in a different way and you can get out of the routine…Read moreRead more

Exercise: What is the best time of day?

There are diverse and contradictory opinions about what kind of exercises to do and when to do them. There are those who favor the exercise to rise, while others talk about the advantages of doing at the end of the day. Some doctors, coaches and athletes think that in the morning is the ideal time…Read moreRead more

Everything you need to know before starting weight training

Everything has its first time in life, and deciding to abandon a sedentary lifestyle by exercise and good nutrition will have many fears, doubts and challenges that you have to face.   The first day in the gym is unique: it could be defined as a mixture of inner emotions because finally has the body-health…Read moreRead more

Diet for runners: Improve your performance!

As is logical and as in all sports, running is based on two bases: training and feeding. Therefore, the publication today, we will focus on the diet for runners in order to improve performance. Diet for Runners   When you decide you want to start practicing running, and you want to improve performance, l as…Read moreRead more

CrossFit: What is it and what are its benefits?

CrossFit is a fitness program broad general, which aims to develop a lot of exercise and sports (gymnastics, weightlifting, career …) from which we selected techniques or applicable to everyday life movements and combine many Different forms in intense workouts. Functionality, variety and intensity are its pillars. CrossFit recognizes ten physical abilities: strength, power, speed,…Read moreRead more