Avoid sports injuries: How to avoid them?

The sports injuries are injuries that occur during the practice of a sport or during exercise. In today’s issue we will discuss how to avoid injury and how to prevent it.   Some happen accidentally. Others may be the result of poor training practices or improper use of training equipment. Some people get injured when…Read moreRead more

Abdominals: Do you have trouble defining them?

With the arrival of summer are many what they want to win my “chocolate bar”, however, not so easy to achieve, today we explain the reasons why it is difficult to have some ripped abs, yes, As we say difficult, but not impossible.   Why is it so difficult to get some marked abs? The…Read moreRead more

Abdominal fat: tricks to reduce it

The abdominal fat is that fat that accumulates in our waistlines and depending that may have many names: belly, float. Over the years, it can be really difficult to reach eliminate this fat, so it is essential to remedy as soon as possible, since it can have important long – term consequences. So in this…Read moreRead more

10 typical mistakes you should avoid in your weight routines

The training with free weights is one of the most popular for improving strength and muscle. However, on certain occasions and depending on the individual qualities of each person, this type of training can be complex and cause certain mistakes that are very common.   Before or after, training with free weights should be one…Read moreRead more

10 challenges that a person who starts exercising should be

To be more efficient in any sport it may be necessary to make small changes to the training routines. For example, adding strength, flexibility and aerobics to your routines can give a new boost to your athletic performance.   There are a number of physical challenges that are really hard but feasible to meet for…Read moreRead more

9 variants of plyometric squats

Are you tired of typical leg exercises in the gym? Are you bored in the machines of the weight room? It may be time to introduce the plyometric into your routine.   The plyometric exercises are magnificent for the development of strength and power. They should be mandatory in any type of training routine as…Read moreRead more

9 Simple Ways to Add Variety to Your Fitness Routines

Are you stagnant and do not know what to do to evolve? Do you always do the same workouts and do not know how to change them?   When a workout routine is started you must have patience and above all perseverance in order to obtain the changes that we have set as a goal,…Read moreRead more

7 exercises with resistance minibands to do anywhere

Traveling is always an enriching and necessary experience: breaking the routine and changing airs is liberating and quite healthy, but the truth is that many leave their workout routines during these periods.   Maybe in the place where you are staying there is no gym or maybe you just travel in against the clock and…Read moreRead more

6 Ways to Add Variety to Your Routines on Cardio Machines

Whether you prefer to ride the elliptical machine or treadmill, use the cardio machines involves incredible benefits to any workout routine.   Despite this, cardio is not everything in a complete routine that really deserves to be, and if there is a type of training that mix well with it is that of strength and…Read moreRead more

6 things you should know when you go to the gym

Directed activities and traditional machines like the treadmill are safe choices when you are going to start going to the gym, but you cannot hold on to them forever.   If you really want a proper training and take advantage of your time there, the best you can do is start exploring everything around you…Read moreRead more