How does age affect training?

Have you ever said that you are not old enough to practice a sport or to do a certain exercise? Have you heard someone say that person cannot lift such weight? Everyone should physical exercise, leaving aside prejudices about age.


The exercise is a necessary and possible activity at any age. In many occasions, myths are generated that have no foundation and although it is true that age conditions the performance of certain types of exercises, sometimes we put ourselves more barriers or limitations than simple age. A very typical example is strength training in children. Many people believe that practicing strength during childhood goes against a child’s proper development. However, the key to everything lies in doing so responsibly, from the age of 8-10 years, taking into account also the physical conditions of the person before us. In fact, in the case of children, proper strength training can bring great benefits to the neuromuscular and locomotor, provided, that training is supervised by a system expert in the art.


It is important to note that all people are born with basic physical qualities: strength, endurance, flexibility and speed. Of these, the only one that is deteriorating over the years is flexibility, because as we mature, our muscles grows, widens the bone and joints become stronger. However, even if flexibility is lost, it does not mean that work can be continued or even improved through exercise. With respect to strength and speed, in the age close to thirty can produce stagnation although it does not mean that it diminishes if we train it properly. In the case of resistance and coordination, they are the qualities that can be extended more.


Another point to note is the technique is the basis of everything and secrecy to continue performing different exercises. The key is that the person learns to execute correctly the movements although it is advisable that at certain ages, the necessary revisions are made to be able to adapt the training to the physical condition of the person.


Does age condition the practice of physical exercise?

Despite what has been said above, there is an obviousness that is undeniable. Assuming that it is true that we are conditioned by age and wear will appear as the person matures, the training must adapt to the age range and the specific characteristics of each individual. To this we must add the times and the intensities of the exercises


In conclusion, although age is a doubt for the practice of any type of exercise, on many occasions, conditioning the biggest limitation is the same one gets. Therefore, we encourage you to put aside all barriers and practice exercise, no matter how old you are!