Personal trainer marketing ideas

Social media We’d like to start with the quickest, easiest and cheapest way of marketing yourself as a personal trainer: social media. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for marketing in every industry, and social media makes it that much easier to spread that word around. So how can you start using social media…Read moreRead more

Ways to differentiate yourself as a personal trainer

In response to this inquiry, one problem that seemed to be brought up over and over again was that many trainers are struggling to differentiate themselves from other trainers who appear less qualified. In response to this, I’d make several points: Recognize that if these other trainers are not only busy, but busy enough that…Read moreRead more

7 Surefire ways to promote your personal training business

You’ve worked hard to build your skills. You’ve implemented some of the most exciting fitness trends into your portfolio. And you’ve become a trusted personal trainer to your clients. But personal training is a business that relies not only on your ability to motivate clients and produce killer results, but also on your ability to…Read moreRead more

11 Tips for beginner personal trainers

Getting the personal trainer qualifications is just a beginning of your journey. Diploma on its own is nothing but a piece of paper. The hardest part is to make it as a trainer. Here are few beginner tips to help you out making it as a personal trainer. Set realistic goals You need to set…Read moreRead more

16 Tips for the personal trainer practical exam

The second part of the personal trainer certification examination process is the practical exam (other part is the multiple-choice exam). Some organizations don’t have a practical exam so check to see if the organization you choose does (most accredited organizations do). The practical exam is your chance to show the instructor what you know and…Read moreRead more

How to be a successful personal trainer

The nature of being a personal trainer can be a blessing and a curse. Your success is depended almost entirely on you. Outside influences rarely contribute to your success, so it’s up to you to take the steps necessary to bring yourself and your brand to the next level. Being good at your job is…Read moreRead more

How to become a successful personal trainer

You studied hard, and you passed your test. You’re committed to fitness not just professionally, but also as a personal lifestyle goal. You’re ready to pass on your enthusiasm and hard-earned knowledge to your clients. Now what? Be a people person. The trainer-client relationship is all about interpersonal skills. Your clients pay for your full…Read moreRead more

How to get the most from your personal trainer

The decision to hire a personal trainer is an empowering one. Putting a dedicated fitness expert in your corner can net you invaluable expertise and support for devising a smart workout strategy, overcoming emotional and physical roadblocks, and getting the real results you’re after. According to an American College of Sports Medicine survey, personal training…Read moreRead more

How to run a successful personal training program

We all know how beneficial personal training can be in helping members reach their fitness goals. But what does a great personal training program look like and what are the secrets to maximizing revenue for this service? Find the right trainers The best personal trainers cater to the needs of your members and their learning…Read moreRead more

One on one personal training

Whether you’ve never lifted a weight before or you’ve been exercising for years, there are an endless number of reasons why working with a personal trainer may be right for you. For one, it is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and reach your individual fitness goals. If any…Read moreRead more