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How does age affect training?

Have you ever said that you are not old enough to practice a sport or to do a certain exercise? Have you heard someone say that person cannot lift such weight? Everyone should physical exercise, leaving aside prejudices about age.   The exercise is a necessary and possible activity at any age. In many occasions,…

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Functional training: what is it?

The functional training has become very fashionable in recent times, especially among celebrities. But do you know why it has become so fashionable? In this post we give you the keys.   Applying the term in a literal sense, functional training is simply training for a specific purpose, i.e., training should achieve a positive effect…

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CrossFit: What is it and what are its benefits?

CrossFit is a fitness program broad general, which aims to develop a lot of exercise and sports (gymnastics, weightlifting, career …) from which we selected techniques or applicable to everyday life movements and combine many Different forms in intense workouts. Functionality, variety and intensity are its pillars. CrossFit recognizes ten physical abilities: strength, power, speed,…

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Cardio training and its benefits

Cardio training influences the efficiency of your heart and your circulatory system. The cardiovascular exercises are the basis of the physical condition, an essential quality to improve strength, speed or power.   Benefits of cardio training Physical inactivity is one of the major determinants of health, particularly in developed countries. A sedentary lifestyle is associated…

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