How to follow a full-body routine with a dumbbell

The full-body type training or full body is a training method that is taking a lot of strength lately for the good results you’re getting and that is best suited to those who have little time to train.


In this routine, we work the main muscle groups, so that when they are affected, it is ideal to make the most of training time and keep fit.


We will show you how to do it using only a barbell, so that can be done almost anywhere.


  1. Banking press in one hand

The first exercise is the one-hand bench press, which works the chest muscles in much the same way as a conventional bench press. This, however, helps the muscles of our core are activated to keep stabilized.


Another advantage of this exercise is that it can work the decompensations that can produce the bar bench press, as it causes both sides of the body to generate the same amount of force in the movement.


  1. Dumbbell rowing in one hand

The next exercise is dumbbell rowing on one hand, very common in many back workouts.


To perform this exercise we will only need to place our trunk at 90º with respect to the ground, and we will take our arm from a position where it is fully extended to our torso.


In this exercise the dorsal width, the trapezius, the spinal erections and the biceps are involved.


  1. Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is a very complete and simple exercise that allows working in depth our legs. The technique is very similar to that of a conventional squat, so as in this one, we should be very careful not to arch our back as we perform the eccentric phase.


  1. Military press in one hand

To carry out this exercise we only must push the dumbbell from the height of our ears until we extend our arm practically at all. We can do this both standing and sitting, but always keeping the back straight during the test.


This exercise will enable us to fund our work anterior deltoid, giving a larger this portion of our shoulders.


  1. Concentrated Curl

To work our biceps, concentrated curl is an exercise that we will sit and isolate our biceps allowing us to get a good tension in this area.


To do this we will extend the arm fully until we tighten our triceps and perform a total contraction of biceps bringing our dumbbell towards us.


  1. Triceps extensions with dumbbells

The dumbbell triceps extensions are the last exercise of our routine, where we will emphasize especially the long portion of this muscle.


To do this we just have to lie down and place our arms in a 90 degree position. Once in that position we will extend our arms contracting our triceps.


How to do the full-body dumbbell routine?

  1. Series and repetitions

The exercises in this routine are ideal for burning calories, gaining muscle and combining them with other sports. For the first three exercises we can perform three sets of 6 repetitions, and for the other three exercises we can perform two series by slightly decreasing the weight and performing between 8 and 10 repetitions.


  1. Weight and rest between sets

The amount of weight of each exercise will depend on the strength and the strength that each person has, and the rest time will be one minute between each series.



With the full body routines, we get many advantages besides the possibility of combining work and gym easily, because as we have commented is a complete body routine that will not take us much time. If we add the advantages that you only need a dumbbell to run them, the more likely that we adhere to its implementation, which will directly affect our physical well – being.