3 plyometric exercises to burn more calories

We are in a society in which the lack of time to exercise translates into obesity and diseases associated with it, such as diabetes, hypertension, among others.   To counteract these conditions, there are many exercises that help you burn more calories in a short period of time also to help you speed up your…Read moreRead more

Growing As A Trainer

Once you have a broad and solid portfolio of clients your bargaining power in front of the facilities will be greater. This will help you to get better conditions for you and your customers if at any time you decide to change the installation. There are centers where, instead of charging the customer’s installment the…Read moreRead more

Grow as a Personal Trainer

While the previous article dealt with how a coach should be formed should he wish to live on it, in this post I will talk about the path that, in my opinion, would be appropriate to grow, strengthen in the sector, and end up having a Comfortable enough to live with relative safety. This process…Read moreRead more

Does Aerobic Training Affect Muscle Development?

One of the great myths that circulate through all gym training rooms, even occasionally endorsed by coaches with a certain prestige, and that as a personal trainer I have to constantly deny, is the alleged negative relationship between aerobic training and strength development And muscle mass. According to those who defend this theory, if you…Read moreRead more

Benefits of the exercise after 30 years old

From the age of 30, the physique of people who do not play sports begins to deteriorate. That is a fact. This leads to the appearance of health problems, poor quality of life, so that physical exercise and training is recommended from certain ages, as long as there is an advice from a professional. Currently,…Read moreRead more