CrossFit: What is it and what are its benefits?

CrossFit is a fitness program broad general, which aims to develop a lot of exercise and sports (gymnastics, weightlifting, career …) from which we selected techniques or applicable to everyday life movements and combine many Different forms in intense workouts. Functionality, variety and intensity are its pillars. CrossFit recognizes ten physical abilities: strength, power, speed, coordination, precision, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory resistance, flexibility, balance and agility.


In its origins, the CrossFit was chosen by numerous military academies, police bodies, martial arts fighters and hundreds of elite athletes, nowadays it has become popular in all sectors of the population. Being a program designed to be easily adaptable makes it the perfect training system for anyone with motivation, regardless of age, sex, ability or previous experience.


CrossFit Benefits

The CrossFit is a type of training that requires a certain physical condition to begin to practice it: to get it you must go to some classes for beginners where we can evaluate ourselves. From there, we can enjoy the benefits that CrossFit offers.


  • Increased muscle strength and power, without a doubt is 0 base benefits that gives us the CrossFit.
  • Promotes fat loss. It works in the form of a circuit whereby the exercises follow each other, either by marking them by number of repetitions or by time, with relatively short rest periods, causing the Crossfitters not to stand still for a second.
  • We will get a very good training for our heart. The cardiovascular benefits, especially at the level of resistance, are huge and visible in a short time.
  • One of the most important benefits of CrossFit is great motivation which is competing against oneself, and the team spirit that breathes when practiced in different centers to which it is brought. For us that kind of motivation is fundamental when it comes to training: enjoy your training knowing that you are part of a community.
  • Reduces the risk of injury. By systematically identifying and addressing individual weaknesses, CrossFit proactively addresses mobility or strength deficits before they become a problem, or to correct them after they become a problem.
  • Improving the practice of new sports. CrossFit helps improve the ability of athletes to learn new moves and skills.
  • Saves time. It has been scientifically proven that it takes less time to get superior results than other training methods.